Mount Saint Agnes Academy

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In 1889 the officers of the Irish Garrison who were stationed in Bermuda appealed to the Archbishop of Halifax, Nova Scotia to open a school for the children of Irish soldiers. In response, four Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (Halifax) were sent to Bermuda. Even though the soldiers had been recalled before the Sisters arrived, the need for a school for girls that would serve not only Bermudian children, but also the children of visitors who wintered here, was recognized.

Thus on the 3rd of March, 1890 Mount Saint Agnes Academy opened its doors at “Woodlands”, situated on the property where the Saltus Grammar School now stands. The Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul owned and operated the School until 1975. Since then, MSA has been owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton, Bermuda, assisted by a Board of Governors. Saint Agnes was chosen by the Sisters as the Patroness of the School at the request of the Archbishop of Halifax (Agnes was his mother’s name) and this was most appropriate since St. Agnes is the Patroness of youth.

Since its founding, MSA has become co-educational and has moved twice. In April of 1892 the School was moved from “Woodlands” to Experiment Hill on the corner of Cedar Avenue and Laffan Street. The property, with its additions and improvements over the years, was more often referred to as “the Convent” and was utilized for teaching until 1967, when the entire student body was moved to MSA’s current location.

Throughout its long history MSA has remained dedicated to the principles of Christian education, which forms a base for the School’s philosophy, that a deep rooted faith in Jesus Christ is the basis for all education.

MSA’s world-class curriculum, daily infusion of Catholic values and the expertise of our Faculty and Staff ensures its students receive the most complete education available in Bermuda. As a result, MSA graduates have a strong moral character, as well as a solid scholastic background, making them highly regarded as productive and positive members of the Bermudian community.


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