The Bishops

Most Reverend Wiesław M. Śpiewak, C.R.

Date of birth: 19th October 1963
Ordained a priest: 19th May 1990
Appointed bishop: 13th June 2015
Ordained bishop: 1st October 2015

Most Reverend Wiesław M. Śpiewak, C.R. is the fourth Bishop of the

Diocese of Hamilton in Bermuda. He was appointed Bishop to Bermuda

on the 13th June 2015. He had his Episcopal Ordination at St. Theresa's

Cathedral on the 1st October 2015 which is the Feast of Saint Theresa

of Lisieux. He joined the Congregation of the Resurrection on the 15th

September 1984 and was ordained to the priesthood on the 19th

May 1990 in Krakow, Poland. Bishop Śpiewak speaks Polish, Italian

and English.

Most Reverend Robert J. Kurtz, C.R.

Date of birth: 25th July 1939
Ordained a priest: 11th March 1967
Appointed bishop: 1st June 1995
Ordained bishop: 15th September 1995
Retired: 30th September 2015

Most Reverend Brian L. Hennessy, C.R.

Appointed Bishop of Hamilton in Bermuda: 18th March 1975

Consecrated: 14th May 1975

Died: 13th February 1997

Most Reverend Bernard J. Murphy, C.R.

(1967 -1974)
Appointed Bishop of Hamilton in Bermuda: 28th June 1967
Consecrated: 1st September 1967
Died: 22nd May 1974

Most Reverend Robert S. Dehler, C.R.

Date of birth: 26th December 1889
Appointed Prefect Apostolic of Bermuda: 10th March, 1953
Appointed Vicar Apostolic: 28th January, 1956
Consecrated Titular Bishop of Clazomene: 19th March, 1956
Died: 26th August 1966