A History Of Our Diocese

The Diocese of Hamilton in Bermuda was established in 12th June 1967. Bermuda was served by the Diocesan clergy of Halifax until 1953, after which pastoral responsibility transferred to the Congregation of the Resurrection. The Resurrectionist Fathers continue to serve our Catholic Community today. All Bishops have been members of that same Congregation including its current Bishop, Most Rev. Wiesław (Wes) Śpiewak, C.R, who was ordained Bishop on 1st October 2015.


There is one Roman Catholic comprehensive school, Mount St. Agnes Academy (MSA), from which many of Bermuda’s community leaders have graduated. As an Early Learning Program through Grade 12 (ages 4-18) private school, MSA provides quality education to approximately 425 students that is enhanced by their experiencing the lived values of the Catholic Faith and Culture.