The Diocese of Hamilton in Bermuda, besides the primordial holy day of obligation that is Sunday, observes two Holy Days of Obligation: 1) The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ (25th of December) and 2) Holy Mary, the Mother of God (1st of January). On these solemnities the Mass schedules of our churches usually follow the Sunday Mass schedule. However, if the solemnity of Holy Mary, the Mother of God, occurs on a Saturday or on a Monday, there is no obligation to go to Mass, and the weekday Mass schedule is observed. Other days of obligation listed in Can. 1246 §1 of the Code of Canon Law, like the Ascension, the Holy Body and Blood of Christ and the Assumption of Our Lady are observed on Sundays following the liturgical date of each of these solemnities. The Epiphany is observed on the first Sunday after the 1st of January. The rest of Holy Days of Obligation listed in the above mentioned Canon: the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady (8th of December), St. Joseph (19th of March), Saint Peter and Saint Paul, the Apostles (29th of June) and All Saints (1st of November) are not holy days of obligation in Bermuda and the weekday Mass schedule in observed in our churches.

St. Theresa's Cathedral Parish


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7:30 AM


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