Stewardship Ministry

This office provides support to the Catholic Diocese in promoting Stewardship as a way of life for all members of our faith. The ultimate aim of Stewardship is for us to grow spiritually becoming closer to Our Lord. We attempt to do this by encouraging engagement in the stewardship of time, talent, and treasure in our daily lives. This office seeks to establish stewardship teams in every parish so that the needs of each parish can be identified and addressed. Assistance is given whenever requested by a parish. The Stewardship office also develops programs and initiatives to motivate and strengthen the faithful, and encourage the faithful to engage in ministry which will enhance the community life of the parish. There is a Diocesan Stewardship Committee which is composed of representatives from the Priest Council and from parish teams. Diocesan events are usually held at least twice a year, including a Sharing Dinner in the fall and Stewardship Day in the spring. These events are published in all parishes.